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Public private partnership

The market of medical services in Kazakhstan has been forming for more than 25 years. Along with the development of public medicine and the process of reforming the healthcare sector, there is a growing need for a large-scale development of private medicine. The need is growing both quantitatively and qualitatively, and the task of MEDIKER is to provide people with the opportunity to receive medical services that meet their expectations.

One of the main tools for the development of private medicine today is the mechanism of public-private partnership (PPP), which is a combination of long-term interaction between the state and business for solving socially significant problems on mutually beneficial terms. In the health sector, such partnerships provide an opportunity to improve the health of the people, maintain social stability in society, raise the quality of medical care to the level of world standards, acting as an effective tool for health reform.

Positive feedback on government initiatives and willingness to cooperate are manifested by companies that have extensive experience in implementing large-scale projects. Among them, MEDIKER is the industry leader, the largest in terms of staff, geography of presence, the number of medical centers across the country and many other parameters. As early as in 2011, under the "Business Road Map 2020" program, MEDIKER implemented a project for the construction and commissioning of the multi-profile medical center "MEDIKER Atyrau". The opening ceremony was attended by President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, who highly appreciated the work of the company's staff.

In 2013, "MEDIKER Kulsai" medical center was opened, the project received funding through the Damu Entrepreneurship Development Fund under the program "Support for New Business Initiatives", which provides for the provision of state support for the implementation of projects on accelerated industrial and innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Today within the framework of PPP such projects as "Medical center on a turn-key basis" are implemented. The company incurs costs from the construction of the building to the operation of the center for 10 years. In 2017 - 2018, MEDIKER is planning to implement three projects:

  • Outpatient and polyclinic complex in Aktobe for 300 visits per shift;

  • Construction and operation of the city polyclinic for 250 visits in the town of Rudny, Kostanay region;

  • "Center for Family Health" for 150 visits in the city of Astana, “Ondiris” residential area.

The goal of the company's participation in PPP projects is the further development of medicine in Kazakhstan, the provision of more quality medical services delivered to the general public in the shortest possible time and a high level of service.

Within these projects, medical centers will be established with modern equipment and software provided by MEDIKER. To implement the technological regulations that meet international standards, an effective mechanism of management and return of investment as well as new facilities will be transferred to the trust management of MEDIKER for the term of the PPP contract.

Cooperation in PPPs benefits both the general public and the state. Partnership with MEDIKER is private investment in infrastructure, equipment, personnel, information systems, such cooperation allows to avoid expenses for repairs, maintenance of equipment and other purposes.

The clinics will be located within walking distance, they will be able to provide the general public with a guaranteed amount of free medical care and identify diseases at an early stage. The main effect of PPP is high quality medical services according to international standards, increasing the level of diagnostics and treatment of diseases and, as a result, improving the health of the people.

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