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Pharmacy network @SmartPharm

Network of Family Pharmacies «@SMARTPHARM»

The Network of Family Pharmacies is for quality provision of drugs with a pharmacists available online 24 hours a day for consultations regarding the purchase and use of medicines. Initially, the network of retail pharmacies was represented on the market under the brand MEDIKER and its subsidiary MediLAB. For more than five years the pharmacies had successfully worked in the pharmaceutical sector. In 2016, the functions and tasks for the new brand Network of Family Pharmacies "@SMARTPHARM" were expanded.

Today the pharmacy network includes a call-center and 19 pharmacies in various regions of Kazakhstan. Pharmacies offer over 4,000 items of medicines, hygiene products and medical cosmetics, including goods for mothers and children, medical products, dietary supplements and vitamins. The network of pharmacies receives only high-quality medicines from the largest, time-tested suppliers and manufacturers. The company operates on the principle: "@SMARTPHARM" is your family pharmacy".

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