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Nauryz holiday is announced!

Nauryz holiday is announced!

By March 22, the vernal equinox, "Medicare Pediatrics" gives tickets to the musical "The Lion King" to children and their parents!

Only 10 tickets to the State Puppet Theater Club of Astana!

Date of the musical: 24.03.18. The start time is 12:00.

Before the start of 30 - 40 minutes will be an entertainment program, games, photos, competitions for children. The musical itself lasts 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Conditions of the competition:

  1. Subscribe / be subscribed to our website (@mediker_pediatrics).
  2. Make one repost / screen of this photo and publish in your profile with a hashtag @mediker_pediatrics#дарит#подарки.
  3. Specify 2 friends in the comments (not shops, not stars).
  4. The profile must be open until the end of the competition.
  5. We sum up the results on March 22 at 3 pm using a random number generator.

Link to page in instagram.

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